Aiteko – Creative Portfolio Ajax Elementor WordPress Theme

Version history is available in the bottom of this page, Make sure to clear any cache and hard refresh your browser after update the theme.

Dont have a time to install the theme? Simply contact us with your URL and WP-Admin login details after purchasing the theme, our team will help you to install and setting up your site same as our demo website for free.

Version historyVersion 1.1.0 (Feb 19, 2019 AEST) - Errors on update, fixed in version 1.1.1Version 1.0.9 (Feb 16, 2019 AEST) - Fix hash on URL not working - Fix alignwide and alignfull class not styled properly after browser refreshVersion 1.0.8 (Feb 13, 2019 AEST) - Fix issue with some 3rd party elementor addons, that use 'document ready' event to trigger their widgets. This is causing some elements from the addon not showing up when accessing the page via Ajax.Version 1.0.7 (January 29, 2019 AEST) - {Important Update} Fix bug on old browsers that doesn't support Javascript ES6, eg (iPad Air, iPad mini, etc) - Many thanks to @glossltd for reporting this bugVersion 1.0.6 ( January 24, 2019 AEST ) - Fix bug: side menu does not close when people click the menu before animation completed - Feature request: disabled the preloading, access the settings in "Customize > Elements"Version 1.0.5 ( January 24, 2019 AEST ) - Fix minor bugs with Elementor 2.4.3Version 1.0.4 ( January 23, 2019 AEST ) - Fix issue with custom elementor portfolio widget crashed with the default Elementor Pro widget - Fix Elementor youtube video background sometimes not loadedVersion 1.0.3 ( January 22, 2019 AEST ) - Fix link inside WP media player detected as ajax link - Fix issue with logo shrink too small in sidebar (make sure to re-setting your logo)Version 1.0.2 ( January 21, 2019 AEST ) - Fix link with "mailto" and "tel" not working properly - Fix issue with portfolio grid style not show up when yearly info are empty - Compatible with Contact Form 7Version 1.0.1 ( January 21, 2019 AEST ) - Add smooth scroll option, access the settings in "Customize > Elements" - Fix some minor bugs with some Elementor widgets