CLEANSTART Business – Multipurpose Business Theme

Cleanstart is a Corporate Business WordPress Theme , built to serve as a foundation for your web projects. Its unique design is based on fine typography and large photography with a twist of post-Flat UI approach. Cleanstart lets you build your pages and posts with a Visual Builder and a great collection of Custom Shortcodes that offer flexibility and pixel-perfect design.

(1) (25/10) The incorporation of Visual Composer to our theme was done with extended customization in order to fit our designs special layout needs. Just a few of its general features & shortcodes are incorporated and the plugin cannot be updated with new features from the plugin author. It will be updated only through Cleanstart Updates. Front-end builder is not included.

Changelog: v1.6.2 [06/08/2019]

v1.6.1 [26/07/2019]

v1.6.0 [08/07/2019]

v1.5.9 [05/03/2019]

v1.5.8 [11/02/2019]

v1.5.7 [04/07/2018]

v1.5.6.1 [06/03/2018]

v1.5.6 [05/03/2018]

v1.5.5 [21/12/2017]

v1.5.4 [31/08/2017]

v1.5.3 [29/08/2017]

v1.5.2 [01/03/2017]

v1.5.1 [6/11/2016]

v1.5.0 [10/07/2016]

v1.4.9 [28/04/2016]

v1.4.8 [15/04/2016]

v1.4.7 [15/10/2015]

v1.4.6 [06/10/2015]

v1.4.5 [24/08/2015]

v1.4.4 [25/06/2015]

v1.4.3 [07/05/2015]

v1.4.2 [06/04/2015]

v1.4.1 [17/02/2015]

v1.4 [19/01/2015] WooCommerce Ready

v1.3.1 [30/12/2014]

v1.3 [3/12/2014] WPML Ready

v1.2 [08/11/2014] OnePager

v1.1 [24/10/2014]

v1.0 [30/09/2014]