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v1.2.0 9 November 2018New Feature: Added navigation between subpages using arrows Improved: PHP code: Improved compatibility with PHP version 7.2 Improved: Improved copyright block styles Improved: Documentation

v1.1.5 28 June 2018New Feature: Map Shortcode: Added the ability to change the zoom New Feature: Added display of logo on mobile devices Improved: PHP Code Improved: Theme Settings: Start page Improved: Start page: Social Icons

v1.1.4 1 June 2018New Feature: Contact Form 2 Shortcode: Added the ability to add checkboxes to the form (Feature request from customers, this option is needed to add the GDPR checkbox and for other cases) New Feature: Portfolio Shortcode: A new option is added - displaying the grid of projects in 4 columns Improved: CSS Styles: Added ability for smooth scrolling for iOS Improved: Documentation.

v1.1.3 16 May 2018New Feature: Portfolio Shortcode: Added the ability to display projects from certain categories, to create a more powerful portfolio Improved: PHP code Improved: Documentation (FAQ and Portfolio sections)

v1.1.2 22 April 2018Fixed: Portfolio: Fixed a minor issue in the functionality of the "Load More" feature.

v1.1.1 19 April 2018New Feature: Added the "Load more" Ajax based functionality for the portfolio grid Improved: Portfolio Shortcode Improved: Blog Posts Shortcode Improved: Styles Improved: Documentation. Portfolio section has been updated.

v1.1.0 13 March 2018Improved: Pages loading speed New Feature: Lazy loading for YouTube and Vimeo Videos New Shortcode: Blog Posts New Demos: Multipage versions (2 new demos) New Template: AVEO Start Page (for multi-page version) Improved: CSS and JS code Improved: Documentation. Added new Section - "Instagram Feed". A new method for updating the theme has been added. Improved: Portfolio Shortcode