Eden – Retina Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

EDEN is a retina multi-purpose WordPress theme

Qode Slider Amazing slide/fade responsive full-screen or fixed height image & video slider with parallax and fade in/out elements animations. Also, for each slide you can set if header should be dark or light, set different position for graphic and text, choose different animation for graphic (flip or fade), fully control title and text (size, color, fonts, line-height, weight, shadow), set custom color for navigation, set different overlay pattern image for video

Fully Customizable Headers Each page can have its own custom header with dark or light color schema, different height and background image (parallax, prallax with new zoom out effect and responsive) with title text on left or right, with subtitle on/off and breadcrumbs on/off. Also you can choose different animation of title for each page (title text form left to right or title area holder from top to bottom). Additionaly you can choose font size, title color, title hover color too.

Fully Customizable Mega Menu Customize both standard and mobile menu, create wide or normal sub-menus at the same time, choose wide menu layout with or without icons. Add widgets to one of the columns of the wide menu and create any layout you want. Create awesome one-page web sites using anchors in the menu.

Section Video Background Add video background to sections (it fully fits it) and set different pattern image for each section

Fixed Header You can set header to be fixed, to get smaller on page scroll

Sticky Header You can set header to be sticky and control scroll amount (from top of the page) when sticky header will appear, if slider is on page, than height of slider is is amount for sticky appearance

Sticky Header With Menu On Bottom Same as sticky menu, only difference is that menu is on the bottom of header with different layout

Different Logos Different logos for initial and sticky header, also for dark and light color schema there is field for different logo