Experience – Showcase WordPress Theme

Experience - Showcase WordPress Theme

Experience is a premium WordPress theme built ot be intuitive and modern. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of uses; from app landing pages, to small business showcases, to creative portfolios.

If you have any questions to ask before purchasing or you encounter a bug in the theme you can get fast, reliable support by posting on the items comments page. When posting follow up responses to your question or issue please use the reply button on your original post so your conversation is threaded. This makes it easier to follow and quicker to assist you.

There are several reasons why Visual Composer is not included directly in the theme.

The developers of Visual Composer have put in thousands of hours of work creating and maintaining the plugin and they continue to release regular updates with fixes and new features. Their hard work deserves your support.

By purchasing your own license for Visual Composer you will be able to receive support directly from the people who know the plugin best the plugin developers.

When premium plugins are bundled with themes users must wait until the themes developer releases an updated version of the theme that includes the update for the plugin. By purchasing a Visual Composer license you can get important plugin security updates as soon as they are released.

Click here to get the Visual Composer plugin

NOTICE:This update restores the vc_custom_heading Visual Composer element to the plugins default. If you have imported the demo content from a previous version of the theme or you have created your site using the visual composer heading element you should update the Experience Visual Composer Extension plugin and switch your headings to the new experience_heading element. This can be done quickly following these steps:

Source: ThemeForest.net