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Golo is a powerful Directory & Listing, City Travel Guide WordPress theme with a modern UI/UX design, smart functions that will help you create an amazing local or global directory site. This theme provides the various number of the demo which can help all customer who wants to create a professional website as Local Business Listing, City Travel Guide, Restaurant Listing, House Rental Listing.

Such as popular Directory & Travel website below: Yelp / Culturetrip / Lonelyplanet / Triposo / Dorsia

If you are doing a tourism business or having a plan to make marketing content, just go and share your experience in your city or somewhere you love which can inspire others for traveling there. Moreover, you can collect local service suppliers into a hub and make them closer to tourist which you also are providing a super product for tourists. Then business opportunity increases to you also.

- Selling Advertisement Positions on your site. - Displaying Google Adsense on your site. - Selling a membership to vendor/ user for adding their product (Hotel, Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Entertainments, Sightseeings ) on your site. - Displaying an Affiliate Business on your site.

Stuck? Need help? Check Golo Docs website or visit our Support Portal to find FAQ and a way to contact us.

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