Gustos – Community-Driven Food Recipes with Front-end Authoring System

All messages are delivered using AJAX. This will prevent the page reload and will provide a better user experience. If the message does not meet the minimum requirements or a problem occured, the form will return a human readable error message.

The user will get a notification in the website header with the number of new unread messages, each time a new message is sent from another member.

Members list displays all registered users on the site. There is available a basic user info, number of recipes submitted, reputation and the Follow button with the number of followers.

Submit recipes directly from the website front-end, alowed for any registered user and reject user from accessing the WP dashboard. Only admin are allowed to access the admin side.

The tags index is a very sly feature that allows to view all available tags and the number of recipes thats using each. Also on that page is a filter that allows to minimize the list and to show only the tags that contains a part of a word. They can be viewed in inline or list mode. This is left at the user discretion.

For the forums is user the bbPress plugin. It is fully compatible with this theme and its styled to give a strong impression of a real standalone forum software. Check it, there are many modifcations that you will not find in the default bbPress.

The homepage is using a special drag and drop page builder. You can drag the modules and display recipes, by:

Also you can display blog posts in grid or list view by:

There are also other modules that can help you to build a better index page to impress your website visitors.

The theme has packed some special widgets that you may find usefull.









v2.7 UX improvements and codebase cleanup and better social links handling.


v2.6.0 Built-in Google Adsense support


v2.4 Major performance improvements.