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CURRENT VERSION 1.9.0 (see Change log at the bottom of this page) Gutentype is a clean & fresh WordPress Blog based on Gutenberg page builder. It is apt for guest post blog, rouge, niche blogs, giver, viral blogs, giveaways, guides & how-to blogs. Also it fits homer, the tell-all, business, cryptocurrency, professional, reverse, writer & world news.

Furthermore, it works for inspirational stories, affiliate, minimal, media, freelance, news jacking, instructional, cheat sheet, entertaining & gaming. Above all it suits tutorial, industry, current events, checklists, listicles, infographics, case studies, profiles, interviews, expert opinions, reviews, comparisons, parody, funny, quizzes, surveys and polls, local, FAQs.

Also it fits contests, screencasts, live-streaming, time-saving, pop music, beginner, gallery, auto-biographical, recipes, customer experience, memes, charity, sports, TV series and shows, ads, food, fitness, DIY, finance, political, parenting, movie, car, pet, video blogs.

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31.10.2018 Version 1.7 Update

16.10.2018 Version 1.6 Update

05.10.2018 Version 1.5 Update

21.09.2018 Version 1.4.1 Update

21.09.2018 Version 1.4 -Update

14.09.2018 Version 1.3 Update

05.09.2018 Version 1.2 Update

29.08.2018 Version 1.1 Update

27.08.2018 Version 1.0.1- Update

21.08.2018 Version 1.0 Release