Harmuny — A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

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Harmuny is a clean and minimal blog theme for perfect for writers who need to create personal blog site with simple creative features and effects to make readers feel the pleasure of reading blog posts and articles, Harmuny personal blog theme mixes between modern, classic and minimal styles and will help you create a simple and clean blog, if you are a blogger, then its a perfect choice for you if you dont need to have any experiment to setup your Wordpress personal blog, its super simple and easy to setup, you will get high quality, responsive, well crafted blog out of the box to make writers only focuses on writing content, and it has great typography to make your fans and followers focus on every word you write.

Support for all our products is conducted through our support forum, where you can submit your product related questions, bug-findings, etc.

It also appears to think for you with intelligent menu features that adapt to the users device to ensure they have the best, most seamless experience possible while consuming your content.

Harmuny has taken speed up a notch with several advanced developments behind the scenes to give you truly blazing page load speeds and website performance in general.

Layouts are the foundation of how your site is going to look and having a flexible system to move it around and see how it fits with your content is crucial.

Harmuny is Fully Compatible With the WPML Multilingual Plugin so you can Create Multilingual Websites

All styled to sit beautifully inside of the design you stipulate.

Select from 7 Social Counters, Social Widgets and Post Lists Widgets to create that irresistible homepage design you have been dreaming of.