Huber: Multi-Purpose Review Theme

Huber: Multi-Purpose Review Theme


This theme is no longer supported (unless you have an active license) and will no longer receive feature updates. Therefore it is not recommend for new customers. Envato does not offer a way to retire a product, so the theme has been priced higher to deter new users from purchasing it, but it makes it available for existing customers for compatibility and security updates.

If youre looking for a new theme then check out Aardvark.

Huber is a modern multi-purpose review theme that allows you to create a powerful and interactive review site. Huber has the edge over other review themes because of its unique and powerful hub system.

Will my hubs and reviews work with this theme? Yes! If you are already using Gauge or The Review themes you can use this theme without the worry of things not working. Huber comes with a theme converter that converts all your hub, reviews and child pages so everything looks pretty much like it did before. Please note hub awards are not currently supported.

Whats different about this theme? Theres a lot of differences, heres a look at a few of them: