Javo Directory WordPress Theme

Javo Directory WordPress Theme

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======= Included Premium Plugins (TGM Plugin) ======== Visual composer Ultimate VC Addons Revolution Slider The Grid Woocommerce (Free : optional) Post View Count Plugin Lava directory (Free : auto installation)

==== Addons (Paid Lava plugins are on Sale : 90% off or Free now ) ==== Lava Advanced Map manager Javo Advanced Single Listing Pages Lava Rating / Review Lava Custom fileds for Items (shops) : create your own custom fileds (input, textarea, dowpdown) Lava Paypal payment for woocommerce : Plan to have more payment types (Membership, packages) Lava Save Favorite Listings Lava Get Directory Claim / Assign Listings .. etc (Lava plugins are very cheap or free. please have a look at our demo site for the details) Woocommerce Vendor (Compatible with Lava WC Vendor Manager) Woocommerce Bookings (Compatible with Lava WC Booking Manager)

Version 3.3.8 14. Feb. 2018Fixed : Get header settings > Display error message issue Improved : Map template > listing date order issue Improved : Map template > Ajax-Top > Mobile not display filter issue Improved : Map template > Listing order script

Version 3.3.7 02. Feb. 2018Added : Single listing > Added tagline Added : Contact widget > Added linkedin, youtube Fixed : Map template > Top-bottom layout > Vertical scroll Fixed : Map template > Filter top > Filtering issue. Improved : Single Event > Added display detail images Improved : Footer alignment updated : CSS, Plugins Version

Version 3.3.6 01. Feb. 2018Updated the newest version of plugins.

Version 3.3.5 05. Jan 2018Fixed : List scroll issue. Fixed : Auto-Complete disable option.

Version 3.3.4 04. Jan 2018Remove : Body > Remove 'overflow:hidden' style Improved : Listing amenities > Archive > Amenities filter issue FIxed : Theme settings > Listing > Header Overlay not working issue Improved : Map template > search filters improved for other hooks Fixed : My Page > Listings > Remove button not working Fixed : Widget > Author information > Social icon class Improved : Widget > Footer social > Display only exists link value

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