Karma – Responsive WordPress Theme

Karma - Responsive WordPress Theme

Latest Version: 4.10.1 | Changelog

November 23, 2018 Version 4.10.1 Fixed: Import Demo Data

November 6, 2018 Version 4.10.0 Added: 7.2 PHP version compatibility

August 31, 2018 Version 4.9.10 Added: New Folder with language

August 29, 2018 Version 4.9.9 Fixed: Menu colors

August 23, 2018 Version 4.9.8 Fixed: Colors for menu links

August 10, 2018 Version 4.9.7 Fixed: Left navigation menu and sidebar

June 3, 2018 Version 4.9.6 Fixed: Issues related to migration

March 4, 2018 Version 4.9.5 Fixed: Recaptcha

January 14, 2018 Version 4.9.4 Fixed: Social icons

October 10, 2017 Version 4.9.3 Fixed: Contact form

June 12, 2017 Version 4.9.2 Added: ability to use shortcodes in gallery descriptions ----- Fixed: bug in main menu when "disable dropdown" is selected Fixed: bug in shortcode dialog box on wordpress 4.8.x

April 20, 2017 Version 4.9.1 Fixed: "grey box bug" on Blog Right Sidebar template

April 19, 2017 Version 4.9.0 Added: full compatibility for WooCommerce 3.x ----- Fixed: body width on Tablet device

March 2, 2017 Version 4.8.9 Fixed: "null" being displayed for mobile menu when child-theme active Fixed: footer copyright info not displaying when child-theme active Fixed: dropdown arrows not properly displaying in main menu Fixed: error message in browser console on dropdown mega-menu hover (superfish.js)

February 6, 2017 Version 4.8.8 Improved: script-enqueue.php for better performance and child-theme compatibility ----- Update: Removed custom-woocommerce.js - file is no longer needed Update: Removed branding notice from one-click-demo-importer page Update: fitvids() script updated to latest version 1.1 ----- Bug Fix: "short style sticky menu" now fixed. Logo gets removed and proper padding is added to menubar Bug fix: PHP is_array() error now fixed when Jetpack enabled Bug fix: spacing issue when custom slider shortcode added to banner settings

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