Madang – Healthy Food Delivery Nutrition WordPress Theme

Madang - Healthy Food Delivery Nutrition WordPress Theme

It is really important to adjust your theme according to your needs and make it really user-friendly. One of the main goals for any online store is the ability to sell. Because of that your customers should find exactly what they are searching for. On this occasion Madang global product search option and different product sorting methods are alway by the hand. Most of the the requests are based on Ajax which makes your page updates seamlessly without refresh. The image below is just an example of a sorting bar that contains: calories filter, nutrition tags, and meal categories.

With Madang theme you can customize header, for example, make it transparent or coloured, replace cart with call to action button; add different widgets in sidebar for product Ajax filtering; create different product listing with nutrition facts pre-calculated.

You can define as many nutrition programs as you need and split them by different categories. Your visitors will then be able to find appropriate meals plan according to their dieting goals. For example, there can be daily meal plans for vegetarians, fitness active people, people with diseases or people with overweight or those who want to gain some muscle weight.

It does not matter weather its Monday or Friday. Create different meal plans for every day of the week. You can specify as many dishes per day as you want. For example, for the first day of the week you can create breakfast lunch and dinner only and for all the next days you can add a dessert as well. In addition, nutrition tags will help your clients better navigate while searching for the best meal plan or nutrition program online. Easily create vegetarian, organic, dietitian eating programs for clients and sell them.

When a meal or serving is displayed a miniature nutritions facts table will show calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates amounts calculated. Once the user performs a checkout process a table of total calculations will be displayed.