Munch – Restaurant & Business WordPress Theme

Munch - Restaurant & Business WordPress Theme

Munch is a bold premium WordPress theme. It is perfect for restaurants, bars, cafes, salons, barber shops and many other small businesses with a menu based product offering. It features extensive built in styling options to make tailoring the theme to your business quick and easy as well as some subtle CSS3 animations.

If you import the demo content and are using the existing contact form please make sure you enter your email address in the contact forms edit screen and edit the Message Body to include your site name.

If you encounter a bug in the theme or have any pre purchase questions you can get support by posting your issue or question on the items comments page. When posting responses to your post please use the reply button on your original post so your conversation is threaded. This makes it easier to follow.

The WP Customizer allows you to configure your site quickly and easily with a live preview of the changes as you go.

To speed things up even more there are four colour scheme presets you can use as they are or as a base for your own colour scheme.

Whether your visitors are viewing your site using their smartphone while on the move or using their desktop computers at home, Munch always looks great.

The extensive colour and typography options allow you to tailor the look and feel of your site to match your brand perfectly.

All options are presented in a user friendly manner in the theme options panel.

The Funky Shortcodes plugin includes some simple to use styling shortcodes to give your content a little extra punch.

Shortcodes are easily accessible on the page edit screen via the Visual and Text tabs on the content editor.

Munch includes mark-up used by search engines to improve the display of search results, making it easier for the right people to find your website.

Not only will your site be found, visitors will have immediate access to the important information they want to know.