Neori – News and Magazine WordPress Theme

Version 1.1 - Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.2 - More bug fixes.

Version 1.3 - Added the possibility to select a template for all posts at once - Added the possibility to display manual written excerpts in Slices - Added the possibility to offset posts by a desired number in Slices - Added an option in the Carousel to limit the number of displayed posts - Added the possibility to use numbered pagination for Archive, Author, Blog, Search pages and also for Slice Type 7 - Improved Social Share Plugin - Various bug fixes

Version 1.4 - Added Gutenberg compatibility - Various bug fixes and minor style improvements

Version 2.0 - Added the possibility to use multiple instances of each Slice type - New post template: Splitted - Article progress bar - Estimated reading time - Header social share - Inside post widgets - Post excerpts - Redesigned search page - Various styling improvements

Version 2.1 - Removed the YellowPencil plugin due its security problems

Version 3.0- Re-introduced YellowPencil plugin, as its security problems are now solved - Overall style and typography improvements - Various bug fixes