Neron – Multipurpose Portfolio WordPress Theme

Neron - Multipurpose Portfolio  WordPress Theme

To use neron, you must be running WordPress 4.0 or higher, PHP 5.6 or higher, and MySQL 5 or higher. We have tested it with Mac, Windows and Linux. Below is a list of items you should ensure your host can comply with. Check to ensure that your web host has the minimum requirements to run WordPress.

Many issues that you may run into such as: white screen, demo content fails when importing, empty page content and other similar issues are all related to low PHP configuration limits. The solution is to increase the PHP limits. You can do this on your own, or contact your web host and ask them to increase those limits to a minimum as follows:

Max_execution_time 180 Memory_limit 128M Post_max_size 32M Upload_max_filesize 32M

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