Polyphonic – A Theme for Independent Musicians and Labels

Welcome to Polyphonic, a theme for independent musicians, artists, festivals, labels, and everyone else in the music industry.

Whether you are promoting your music band tour, a new album or making a presentation for your band, label artist, the label itself or a festival, Polyphonic has exactly what you need. You can easily connect with various music platforms, include music players on your pages, present your events, albums, upcoming gigs and the ones you played, festival lineups, and much more. Its simply a perfectly streamlined solution for all singers, DJs, artists, performers, festival organizers, in one word all musicians and music lovers.

So get Polyphonic today and easily create any type of website dedicated to music. Its sure to strike a chord with you; and its gonna be a powerchord!

Version 1.1 May 27th, 2019 - Added WooCommerce 3.6.3 compatibility - Updated Visual Composer to 6.0.2 - Updated Revolution Slider to - Updated Polyphonic Core plugin to 1.1 - Updated Polyphonic Music plugin to 1.1 - Updated pot files - Updated child theme to 1.1 - Improved theme files and security