Soffa – Furniture & Business WordPress Theme

Soffa - Furniture & Business WordPress Theme

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Extra Feature: Soffa is already compatible with some premium plugins bellow (already included in the theme package):

Changelogs2.1.0 April 10 2018updated: TokoPress Shortcode v2.0.4 updated: Tokopress Widget Shortcode v2.0.4 updated: Tokopress Image Slider Shortcode v2.0.4 updated: Tokopress Heading Typography Shortcode v2.0.4 updated: Team Members by Tokopress v2.0.4 fixed: Featured Product VC Element Logic2.0.9 March 21 2018updated : WPBakery Page Builder v5.4.7 updated : Revolution Slider v5. 12 February 2018added: compatibility with WooCommerce 3.3.0 updated: Customizer Panel namming tweak: shop style tweak: product review form tweak: WooCommerce Widgets2.0.7 3 December 2017updated: WP Bakery Page Builder v5.4.5 tweak: header style section2.0.6 25 Novemver 2017added: show license status (valid/invalid/unknow) for automatic theme update updated: WP Bakery Page Builder v5.4.4 updated: Revolution Slider v5. updated: new API url for automatic update theme tweak: Testimonial Single Page style2.0.5 16 October 2017updated: Visual Composer Plugin v5.3 updated: Revolution Slider Plugin v5.4.6 updated: TokoPress Addons Plugin v2.0.3 updated: TokoPress Slider Plugin v2.1.0 updated: minor style2.0.4 11 April 2017updated: compatible with WooCommerce 3.0 Plugin updated: Revolution Slider Plugin v5.4.1 updated: Visual Composer Plugin v5.1.1 update: woocommerce sale badge style fixed: customize global fonts fixed: product grid style removed: inquiry by extensionpress Plugin removed: quotation by extensionpress Plugin2.0.3 7 February 2017added: Customize Custom Fonts updated: OWL Carousel v2.2.0 updated: Toko Slider Plugin v2.0.0 updated: Tokopress Shortcode Plugin v2.0.2 updated: Revolution Slider Plugin v5.3.1.5 updated: Visual composer Plugin v5.0.1 updated: MailChimp Form ID for visual composer element fixed: responsive layour project page fixed: Disable loop slider in product gallery fixed: Responsive product column 4 in tablet screen fixed: Default image thumbnail size2.0.2 5 August 2016added: dummy content for Toko Slider Plugin updated: Recolution SLider Plugin v5.2.6 fixed: dummy content2.0.1 27 July 2016added: option to use Google Maps API key for Contact page template updated: option framework v1.8.5 updated: translation string fixed: dropdown menu active style2.0.0 28 June 2016added: compatible with site identity WordPress v4.5 added: compatible with WooCommerce v2.6 added: styling My Account tab navigation on WooCommerce v2.6 added: TokoPress Slider Plugin (included) updated: outdate template files on WooCommerce v2.6.1 updated: FontAwesome v4.6.3 updated: TGM Plugin Activation v2.6.1 updated: Visual Composer v4.12 updated: Revolution Sider Plugin v5.2.5.4 updated: OWL Carousel v2 added: option to enable Visual Composer License Page (Appearance Customize Visual Composer). It is useful if you purchase Visual Composer license to get direct plugin updates and official support from Visual Composer developer.1.4.0 25 April 2016updated: Visual Composer updated: Revo Slider 21 January 2016updated: minor version removed: WooCommerce Catalog Mode by XtensionPress Plugin1.3.8 20 January 2016updated: Visual Composer Plugin v4.9.2 updated: Revolution Slider Plugin v5.1.6 updated: TGMPA plugin installer updated: TokoPress Heading Typography Shortcode v1.3 updated: TokoPress Image Slider Shortcode v1.5 updated: TokoPress Shortcode v1.3 updated: TokoPress Widget Shortcode v1.2 fixed: Responsive menu level removed: Optopn to change favicon1.3.7 24 November 2015fixed: Isotop JS for image loaded updated: contact form updated: Visual Composer Plugin v4.8.1 updated: Revolution Slider Plugin v5. 9 October 15updated: Revolution Slider plugin v5.0.9 updated: Visual Composer Plugin v4.7.4 updated: TokoPress Heading Typography Plugin v1.2 updated: TokoPress Image Slider Plugin v1.4 updated: TokoPress Shortcode Plugin v1.21.3.5 7 July 2015added: option to change favicon updated: Revolution Slider 4.6.931.3.4 20 June 2015fixed: minor update1.3.3 15 Mei 2015fixed: TGM security issue update: Theme Security improve: Responsive header style1.3.2 17 April 2015update: style woocommerce for visual composer elements update: theme customizer and woocommerce customizer fixed: wp theme check issue fixed: some issue style fixed: TGM bulk installer update: tokopress-heading-typography-shortcode plugin update: tokopress-image-slider-shortcode plugin update: tokopress-shortcode plugin update: tokopress-widget-shortcode plugin1.3.1update: wordpress importer v2.0 improve: single product style improve: default botton improve: widget style improve: missing style1.3.0fix responsive tokopress images slider plugin fix grid layout category project by woothemes plugin add image lightbox popup gallery in single project fix some issue style1.2.9added: child theme sample added: option for filterable projects/portfolio added: woocommerce redirect after login customer added: header and footer script options updated: separate team members (build on plugin) updated: Visual Composer 4.4.2 updated: Revolution Slider 4.6.5 updated: customizer issue fixed: minor TGMPA issue fixed: related projects issue fixed: wp theme check issue1.2.8update: Visual Composer 4.3.4 update: Revolution Slider 4.6.0 added: option to change project button text1.2.7added: automatic theme update using purchase code. Go to Appearance Theme Update page to enter purchase code. added: option to disable sidebar on shop and product page. added: option to change post columns per row on blog page. added: option to disable sidebar on blog page. added: option to disable sticky header on desktop. fixed: few minor bugs.1.2added: PSD Files are included to the full package. added: sticky header for desktop. added: option to hide bottom widget area on the frontpage. added: more popular social icon options on the footer. updated: TGMPA class with ability to update bundled plugins. updated: set Visual Composer as part of the theme and disable updater (to be handled by TGMPA). updated: Visual Composer 4.2.3 updated: Revolution Slider Translation support (.po/.mo) Added: WPML compatibility Added: New dummy data and video tutorial to use it Improved: better responsive header Improved: better responsive footer Fixed: Revolution Slider prepackaged and installation issue and some improvements on code and backend