Superba: Media-centric Photography WordPress Theme

Superba: Media-centric Photography WordPress Theme

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Media-centric Photography WordPress Theme.

While we certainly are no strangers to designing photographic themes, we always though we could do better. Great feedback from our users is the driving force of our design process, and one thing that kept popping up was that more relevance could be given to the real protagonists of the show: the photos themselves.

Thats why weve created Superba. We consider Superba our best experiment yet concerning the display of visual content, because it has so many variants and allows to easily manage images and videos.

Superba features a great way to manage albums. Albums are visual content collectors: they can contain multiple pictures and videos, and they display, describe and catalogue media in a meaningful way.

TEMPLATES The way we present content is crucial, and thats why albums can be laid out in four different unique forms: carousel, slideshow, mosaic and grid. Carousels and slideshows display images horizontally and slideshows can also go full screen, while mosaics and grids are a more traditional way of displaying media in an aligned form.

BER ALBUMS Album pages can have their own set of images or automatically pull content from other albums and projects. This way, youll be able to create, for example, a macro-album fetching all the pictures that are tagged as Portrait, no matter what album/project theyre in.

TAXONOMY Visual content needs to be catalogued, grouped and displayed in a meaningful way: Media Library items that are added to albums and projects have their own specific taxonomy so that they can be tagged and filtered in album pages.

PAGE BUILDER Built on top of our latest framework, the new page builder allow you to create unlimited layout combinations. Albums can also be added to the page layout using their specific builder block component, which also has its own display settings, including the ber cool iPhoto-mode.

WOOCOMMERCE INTEGRATION Sell anything you want thanks to the full support for the WooCommerce plugin (2.2.x and up).