Tikidocs – Knowledgebase & Support Forum WordPress Theme

A knowledgebase WordPress theme is like a library of information about any service, product or topic that is designed to provide self-serve help. By doing this, big companies can free up some of their employees time so they can focus on more important tasks. Tikidocs is a knowledge base theme developed for the centralization of website theme development department information.

Considering the request for this type of knowledge platforms, we managed to develop a very complex, but efficient

A Knowledgebase WordPress Theme that can act as a core for any theme markets or code developers.

Let`s get into this project and talk about what this knowledge base theme can offer. Straight from the beginning, we focused on the most important think: Money generator. Tikidocs is the perfect tool if you are planning on growing a marketplace for Themes, Plugins or any other themeforest product.

Your future website will be the perfect environment for any theme sellers, developers and specialists in this field. You will be able to manage and open threads and discussions about your products and share important information and knowledge with other experts.

Tikidocs knowledge base theme fits perfectly with our business model. On our website, modeltheme.com, we are using this theme for two reasons: The first one is that we put so many functionalities in it and it is very easy to use. The second reason is that we could not find other theme that could satisfy our needs. We are software developers and sellers. We need a platform where we could display and talk about our products.

We added an awesome functionality so that you can offer a complete custom website development service to your clients. Tikidocs has a separate page where any customer can customize a website. After completing the order, you will receive it and you can start to work on it. What is this page all about?

Your customers can customize a lot of details and they can start with the number of pages and Inner pages of the website. They will have the possibility to choose a single page website.