Tography – Photography Theme

Tography - Photography Theme

Changelog Version 2.0 03/05/2018- RedesignedVersion 1.4.5 11/05/2017- Fixed: Menu issue with Firefox 52.0 - Added: Support for WooCommerce 3 - Improved: Menu items animation - Changed: Shortcodes were moved into a pluginVersion 1.4.4 19/12/2016- Updated: Font Awesome - Updated: WooCommerce templates - Updated: TGM Plugin Activation Class - Changed: QL Addons is not force activated anymore - Added: Option to disable mouse wheel scroll on home slider - Fixed: Double title on Archive widget - Fixed: Multiple text domainsVersion 1.4.3 19/10/2016- Improved: Video on Slider items - Improved: Now slider loads after all images were loadedVersion 1.4.2 30/06/2016- Updated: WooCommerce templateVersion 1.4.1 28/06/2016- Fixed: Issue when deleting a generated portfolioVersion 1.4.0 08/06/2016- Added: Now you can select how many portfolio items to show per portfolio, not just system-wide - Improved: On single portfolio pages, now all images show its original proportions (landscape, portrait and square) - Improved: Single portfolio pages on mobile - Improved: Now the link 'back to portfolio' links to a different page for each Portfolio type - Improved: Google Fonts now load with https - Fixed: CSS bug on nav menu for focus itemsVersion 1.3.9 16/05/2016- Fixed: Minor bug with single portfolio pageVersion 1.3.8 08/03/2016- Improved: No need to duplicate single-portfolio.php on new portfolio anymoreVersion 1.3.7 20/02/2016- Updated: WooCommerce templates - Fixed: WooCommerce cart css issue - Fixed: incompatibility with Meta Box plugin 4.8Version 1.3.6 01/02/2016- Fixed: issue with logo fading on fullscreen home page - Fixed: widgets deprecated functions - Fixed: links for slider items on fullscreen home page - Added: Masonry archive for portfolio's categoriesVersion 1.3.5 20/10/2015- Fixed: Minor bug on fullscreen galleryVersion 1.3.4 07/10/2015- Fixed: Single portfolio pages not scrolling on mobileVersion 1.3.3 01/10/2015- Fixed: Galleries CSS issue in mobile with retinaVersion 1.3.2 28/09/2015- Fixed: Portfolio items not showing all images - Fixed: Portfolio categories for user generated portfolios - Fixed: EXIF data placementVersion 1.3.1 27/07/2015- Fixed: Portfolio tags style. - Fixed: Hover style on blog posts.Version 1.3.0 14/07/2015- Added: 500px social icon. - Added: Lazyload for Gallery Masonry. - Added: Option for start with Sidebar Nav open. - Fixed: Fullscreen home page on landscape iPad.Version 1.2.0 10/07/2015- Added: 100% WPML support. - Fixed: Vimeo icon in social menus.Version 1.1.3 23/06/2015- Added: keyboard navigation for slider and single portfolio posts. - Added: lock icon in private galleries. - Improved: UI for portfolio admin panel.Version 1.1.2 19/06/2015- Fixed: fullscreen slider on iPad - Fixed: sidebar generator issueVersion 1.1.1 14/06/2015- Fixed: caption for first image in portfolio item. - Added: Contact Form 7 support - Updated: prettyPhoto pluginVersion 1.1.0 01/06/2015- Added: Video support in fullscreen home pageVersion 1.0 15/05/2015- Released