Tomas and Daisy – A Stylish Blog for Him and Her

Want to start a blog? Start it in a great style with Tomas and Daisy, personal blog theme that has it all. This theme allows you to choose your favorite layout style and to add videos, photos, quotes or links to your stories. Also you can choose between standard post type or standard with the sidebar template. Its feminine and girly layouts are followed with more masculine design style. But thats not all. Tomas and Daisy is packed with amazing floating header and pattern header type. Create any kind of blog with ease. From fashion blog, lifestyle blog, or personal blog to the clean blog. This elegant, feminine theme is a dream for every blogger!

We do not own the copyright for the images featured in this theme. The images in question are only used for presentational purposes on our demos. These images cannot be used on your website, unless you purchase the license from a stock image website yourself.

Version 2.3 July 20th, 2023 - Added WordPress 6.2.2 compatibility - Added PHP 8.2 Compatibility - Added Disable Google Fonts option and functionality - Updated Tomas&Daisy Core plugin to 1.0.3 - Updated Elated Instagram Feed plugin to 2.0.1 - Updated Elated Twitter Feed plugin to 1.0.3 - Updated WPBakery Page Builder to 6.13.0 - Updated Layer Slider to 7.7.11 - Updated Child theme to 1.0.1 - Updated Instagram Security keys - Update Theme URIs - Fixed Social Share - Fixed creation of the Custom Sidebars in new Widgets layout - Fixed deletion of the Custom Sidebars - Fixed potential security issue - Improved Search widget compatibility - Improved tomasdaisy_eltdf_get_attachment_id_from_url function - Improved import for PHP 8 - Improved Google Maps API with callback function - Removed Google Plus social share - Removed Instagram business social login - Removed # sourceMappingURL from third-party CSS/JS files

Version 2.2 November 26th, 2020 - Added WordPress 5.5 compatibility - Updated Elated Instagram Feed plugin to 2.0 - Updated Tomas&Daisy Core plugin to 1.0.2 - Updated Elated Twitter Feed plugin to 1.0.2 - Updated Layer Slider to 6.11.2 - Updated WPBakery Page Builder to 6.4.2 - Removed unused file instagram-redirect.php from Elated Instagram Feed plugin - Removed unused file twitter-redirect.php from Elated Twitter Feed plugin