Val – Blog WordPress Theme

Val Blog – Creative Blog Theme

Val WordPress Theme for blog and blogging is designed to work for all kinds of blogs: personal blog, business blog, fashion blog, lifestyle blog, travel blog, and so on. Its creative design combined with eye-catching color schemes will attract and keep readers coming back.

Every page is designed to look good on all devices. Val WordPress Theme for blogging is responsive and retina ready.

Special features of this blogging WordPress theme include:

Article Teaser Template a new content element that makes it easy to present multiple posts within one element and to choose what info and how they appear for each blog post. To understand more about this new content element Article Teaser Template watch our YouTube Tutorial.

Post Title Auto Styling The auto-style changes post titles font style (bold, italic, etc.) depending on punctuation and letter case used, making each title more interesting.

Sticky Post Info Thanks to sticky post info make the main information on blog post visible even while scrolling through the single post page. This option helps readers be aware of the post they are reading at all times. This option is similar to sticky header but can be active without activating sticky header.

Custom Category Page As addition to standard WordPress category pages there is a custom one using Article Teaser Template, a content element that makes it easy to show multiple posts with one content element and import posts from one category or by one author only.

Review Option As additional option in Edit Post there is a reviewing option where a short review of anything you are writing about (service, product, or experience) can be added. Fill out rating attributes and assign a score between 0 and 100. An overall score will automatically show in a progress bar.

Banner Ads This WordPress Theme comes with predefined banner ads space based on standard Google propositions. You have an opportunity to write about whatever you like for your reader audience and profit from selling advertising space on your blog.