Zolak Portfolio – Photography WordPress Theme

Zolak Portfolio - Photography WordPress Theme

Zolak is a professional photography theme for WordPress super stylish, powerful, retina ready and designed for clarity. Minimal, content-focused design will impress your website visitors from the first look. I paid a huge attention to every small element of the design so it stays out of the crowd. Also a big role plays an extended functionality which should satisfy any demanding photographer: categories, portfolio posts and custom slides in the fullscreen slideshow; ajax portfolio page with pagination, two-level filtering, category/post custom ordering and much more. True lazy loading function provides possibly the best loading speed. Enjoy and dont forget to rate it

Theme requirements: PHP 5.6 and higher.

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Changelog1. Added srcset support (responsive images) excerpt hero slideshow that doesn't have srcset support yet 2. Adapted image sizes for modern screens. Install, activate and run "Force Regenerate Thumbnails" plugin 3. Replaced lazy loading script with modern one 4. Fixed "video" post format header 5. Fixed wrong portfolio category description while using ajax filtering 6. Added "Classic Editor" to required plugins list 7. Other minor improvements[c] style.css (version updated)[c] assets/css/app.css [+] assets/css/app.css.map [+] assets/css/app.scss [c] assets/css/min/theme.min.css[c] assets/js/app.js [-] assets/js/bLazy.min.js [c] assets/js/jquery.dlmenu.min.js [+] assets/js/lazysizes.min.js [c] assets/js/min/theme.min.js[c] archive.php [c] content-common.php [c] content-link.php [c] content-portfolio.php [c] content-search.php [c] content.php [c] functions.php [c] image.php[c] functions/init.php [c] functions/backend/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php [c] functions/backend/class.tgm.activation.php [c] functions/backend/redux/class.redux.php [c] functions/defaults.class.php [c] functions/frontend/functions.class.php [c] functions/frontend/helpers.class.php [c] functions/wp/hooks/ajax.hooks.class.php [c] functions/wp/hooks/setup.class.php [c] functions/wp/hooks/theme.hooks.class.php [c] functions/wp/hooks/wp.hooks.class.php [-] inc/importer/init.php [-] inc/importer/demo-files/content_new.xml [-] inc/importer/importer/parsers.php [-] inc/importer/importer/radium-importer.php [-] inc/importer/importer/wordpress-importer.php [+] inc/plugins/category-thumbnails.zip[c] languages/zolak.pot [c] templates/categories-template.php [c] woocommerce/functions.php [c] woocommerce/css/woocommerce.css [+] woocommerce/css/woocommerce.css.map [c] woocommerce/css/woocommerce.min.css [+] woocommerce/css/woocommerce.scss1.11 (11 November 2016) ---------------Changes:1. Improved wpSpade WP Gallery plugin (Appearance > Install Plugins > wpSpade WP Gallery > Update) 2. Changed portfolio script[c] style.css [c] assets/css/app.css [c] assets/css/min/theme.min.css [c] assets/js/app.js [+] assets/js/jquery.justifiedGallery.min.js [c] assets/js/min/theme.min.js [c] content-portfolio.php [c] functions/wp/hooks/setup.class.php [c] inc/importer/demo-files/theme_options.txt [c] inc/plugins/wpspd-wp-gallery.zip1.1 (10 November 2016) ---------------Changes:1. Fixed WooCommerce styles 2. Heavily improved mobile version 3. Added new "Google Maps API key" field (Appearance > Install Plugins > wpSpade Shortcodes > Update) 4. Other minor fixes, improvements and updates[c] style.css [c] 404.php [c] archive.php [c] author-bio.php [c] comments.php [c] content-common.php [c] content-link.php [c] content-none.php [c] content-page.php [c] content-portfolio.php [c] content.php [c] functions.php [c] header.php [c] image.php [c] index.php [c] search.php [c] single.php [c] assets/css/app.css [c] assets/css/min/theme.min.css [c] assets/js/app.js [c] assets/js/min/theme.min.js [c] functions/defaults.class.php [c] functions/backend/class.tgm.activation.php [c] functions/backend/redux/class.redux.php [c] functions/backend/redux/extensions/metaboxes/extension_metaboxes.php [c] functions/backend/redux/extensions/typekit/typekit/field_typekit.php [c] functions/frontend/functions.class.php [c] functions/wp/hooks/setup.class.php [c] functions/wp/hooks/theme.hooks.class.php [c] functions/wp/hooks/wp.hooks.class.php [c] functions/wp/inc/comments.walker.class.php [c] inc/importer/init.php [c] inc/importer/importer/parsers.php [c] inc/importer/importer/radium-importer.php [c] inc/importer/importer/wordpress-importer.php [c] inc/plugins/wpspd-shortcodes.zip [-] languages/en_US.mo [-] languages/en_US.po [+] languages/zolak.pot [c] templates/portfolio-template.php [c] woocommerce/functions.php [c] woocommerce/css/woocommerce.css [c] woocommerce/css/woocommerce.min.css1.01 (9 July 2015) ---------------Changes:1. Fixed metaboxes visibility when editing blog page 2. Fixed blank screen when using "Back" button in Safari 3. Improved menu layout on smartphone 4. Some other minor fixesFiles updated *:[c] style.css [c] assets/css/app.css [c] assets/css/min/theme.min.css [c] assets/js/app.js [c] assets/js/min/theme.min.js [c] functions/backend/redux/class.redux.php1.0 (26 June 2015) ----------------Initial release* -------------------------------[+] added [-] removed [c] modified

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